16 September 2008

IKE Update

Houston got whacked pretty hard. I got out this time. No 29 hour ordeal. My house survived and we were very fortunate. Send your prayers for those down here whose nightmare isn't over. Gas and Food are still a major issue. The majority of the area is still without power.

Oh, and for those that don't think a Cat 2 is very unimpressive - this storm flooded Chicago, put power out in Cincinatti, caused Hurricane Strength Gusts in Lexington Kentucky, and did millions in damage to New York State on the way out of town. That was after we took the full power and toned his ass down a little for the rest of the country.

1 comment:

heather said...

so glad you posted. i was hoping you and yours were ok.
yeah, lots of damage here in ny from ike. i was in crestview florida for hurricane frederic (back in 1979)and remember very well how crazy, scary they can be.

prayers still being sent. to the families affected and the government types who will have to figure out how to get everything back on track.

hugs for you and yours.