17 September 2008


For those interested in contributing to Hurricane Relief Efforts, some of the folks at Wunderground.com have started a relief effort. All the donations go straight to supplies, etc. for the area. You can read more about it here - IKE Relief
You will start to see the extent of the disaster over the next few weeks, if media coverage doesn't make it go away.
We were blessed with minimal damage - but the Bay areas.......... Up to you. But anything you give will be used immediately and directly into the emergency areas.


16 September 2008

IKE Update

Houston got whacked pretty hard. I got out this time. No 29 hour ordeal. My house survived and we were very fortunate. Send your prayers for those down here whose nightmare isn't over. Gas and Food are still a major issue. The majority of the area is still without power.

Oh, and for those that don't think a Cat 2 is very unimpressive - this storm flooded Chicago, put power out in Cincinatti, caused Hurricane Strength Gusts in Lexington Kentucky, and did millions in damage to New York State on the way out of town. That was after we took the full power and toned his ass down a little for the rest of the country.

08 September 2008

How Time Flies

An old friend from Otherland wrote me this weekend with a gentle reminder - It's been almost a full year since you've posted. Why don't you drop a post and let everyone know you are still breathing, or something, you utter dork!
So, as you can tell, I'm still breathing. A lot has happened in a year, and yet a lot remains the same. From the lack of posts, you can sort of tell that the Beast has been in hiding almost full time for a long, long, time. Nor have I self destructed. Sorry to blow the betting pot on that one, folks. Closest to a year without going over? Someone tell me who won - I want my percentage. I earned it.
So I'll try to get back to this. No promises. Life is too stinkin' busy right now for promises. But sometimes, as another friend wrote me this weekend - you have to stop and smell the roses, if only to push back the date of the impending heart attack.

Dream Well,