31 May 2007

Define This.........

Michael --


A poltergeist sent back in time to change the course of history forever

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Now That's Funny, I don't care WHO you are........


Thanks for the freebie post, chick!

19 May 2007

Faces of Death

Despite everyone's best intentions, my regulars really read this blog because they feel the connection with my fight with the Beast. Folks don't come to this blog for humor. They have MIST, and Q, for that. Folks don't come to this blog for a twist on daily reality. They have Mac and Fringes for that. Folks don't even come to this blog for tech updates. Gyuss covers all of those with a professionalism far beyond a tech reporter. They don't come here for the Restaurant/bar update. BD, The Barmaid, and Waiter Rant have totally got that covered. (And yes, BD, I'm one of your three regulars and I do put you on the same high level as Debra and the Waiter.)
People come here for the same reason they watch Nascar and read Susan and Kristina's blog. Folks visit here because they have homo sapiens deep ingrained need to watch a train wreck as it happens. The real thrill of watching racing is the off chance that someone eats it against a wall, or explodes in a spectacular fashion. They go because, there's a chance, if they are near, that they'll be an eyewitness to the train wreck, or be one of those fans that catch the free flying tire that bursts through the chain link fence will take them out, severing their head from their body.
Homo Sapiens has always had a singularly eccentric problem. If there is trouble,rather than running the other way, we'll be crowding the police line, hoping to catch a glimpse of the gore and death.
Nothing makes us feel more alive than straddling that thin line, adrenaline pumping through our veins, knowing that a single mistake will make us the object of the next crowd's entertainment.
Homo Sapiens has at least one inherent flaw. Our thirst for an adrenaline high supercedes our built in survivor instinct. The regular readers of this post are no different. They get a contact high from viewing the depths of hell. They don't want humor here. They don't want quaint little pictures. They want to see just how close I'll come to being overwhelmed and pulling the trigger. They would have their finger along side mine on the trigger, if they possibly could. Because my true readers deal with the same shit I deal with on a daily basis. They want to succeed with me, or, if that isn't in the cards, they want to watch the burning explosion of self destruction, and maybe, just maybe, avoid their own Ground Zero by a cunt hair, catching one small life line or another that I missed in the process.
So view to your heart's content, my regulars. Know that the daily fight goes on, and each day that I wake up alive, and breathing, is a salute to the hardiness of mankind. The will to live, despite the fact that everything in your life is telling you to eat a bullet. In the end, love conquers all. Even the will to live. Sometimes it is easier to die than to live without hope.


18 May 2007

Ah, Summer

Once again, the Aussies have shown themselves superior in dealing with tough situations. Australia is currently in the middle of one of their worse droughts in history. Water restrictions have cut residential water use for car washing, landscaping, etc. to practically nil. Car Wash businesses that are geared for recycled water use abound. In the midst of this stiff competition, we find that another enterprising Aussie entrepreneur has beaten his competitors to the punch - With an X-Rated Car Wash. Yahoo News gets credit for the details on this lovely innovation. I'm planning ahead for the drought in Houston!

11 May 2007

Friday Attitude Check

This is for all you wonderful folks that like to run around like the silver ball in the Pinball machine, spreading bits of hope and joy everywhere, and always reminding us that it takes more muscles to Frown than it does to Smile. Other than this choice bit below, I can only respond that I prefer to work out as many muscles as possible during a session, and I'm trying to incorporate a 43rd into my daily routine.

And now, for a good and timely example of Truth in Advertising

09 May 2007

Wanna be a Hit Man?

KB has found yet another great little name thingy. Feel free to play.

Bloody Thumbs

People Iced:Thirty
Car Bombs Planted:Nineteen
Favorite WeaponShards of Glass
Arms Broken:Twelve
Eyes Gouged:Nineteen
Tongues Cut Off:Two
Biggest Enemy:The Arm Breaker

Get Your HITMAN Name


08 May 2007

Peaceful in Purgatory

They lied. Purgatory is supposed to be a neutral type of place, a place where you spend time while Saint Peter’s reading the fine print on your contract, since you didn’t clear customs on the first go round. It is supposed to be a place where you can feel the heat of the hellfire, look down the red slide to the burning bottom, and possibly work that last bit of evil out of your body so you can pass inspection on the cheap bus to Heaven. But they all lied.

Purgatory, as it turns out, is a taste of the pain and suffering you’ll endure if they send you down that slide. It is the Cliff Notes Version of Hell, and Heaven and Pearly Gates have nothing to do with it. Purgatory might as well be the foyer to hell. Lying on a bed with every muscle in your body clenched in pain as they feed the IV line with the fourth antibiotic (which won’t work, either) as they try to bring your fever down from that 105 point it keeps hovering back and forth around. It’s not eating for four days because the very thought of food is like a strange and far away world. Rolling back and forth on the bed, shaking arms and leg muscles to let them loosen long enough for the pain to go away for a few minutes. Sleep Dep from four full days without two hours in a row of uninterrupted peaceful sleep. Sitting up in bed every five minutes in a panic, because you’re choking and you’ve coughed so hard and so long that you’ve completely ripped an abdominal muscle, and you have to sit up and lean over the bed so you can at least hold your gut in with one arm while the other desperately tries to keep you on the bed. It’s taking treatments every four hours with a nebulizer, in order to help you breathe, but knowing that the drug in the neb is also going to make you cough uncontrollably. Anticipation in that case is such a wonderful thing. Purgatory is having the little breathing tubes in your nose for 72 hours straight, pumping rich oxygen into your bloodstream, but also leeching the life out of your sinuses to the point that your nose and the back of your throat are nothing but layers of dried blood, their passages slowly constricting as another layer after another layer gets added. I read a book a week. It should have been a time to catch up. The only thing I read in five days was the daily menu, looking for something remotely appetizing to sustain me.

They lied. They said I was going to Purgatory for a few days.

Instead I spent five days in hell, wishing I was dead.