08 September 2008

How Time Flies

An old friend from Otherland wrote me this weekend with a gentle reminder - It's been almost a full year since you've posted. Why don't you drop a post and let everyone know you are still breathing, or something, you utter dork!
So, as you can tell, I'm still breathing. A lot has happened in a year, and yet a lot remains the same. From the lack of posts, you can sort of tell that the Beast has been in hiding almost full time for a long, long, time. Nor have I self destructed. Sorry to blow the betting pot on that one, folks. Closest to a year without going over? Someone tell me who won - I want my percentage. I earned it.
So I'll try to get back to this. No promises. Life is too stinkin' busy right now for promises. But sometimes, as another friend wrote me this weekend - you have to stop and smell the roses, if only to push back the date of the impending heart attack.

Dream Well,



Susan said...

I'm in utter shock. My reader is so not used to you posting it's lagging behind on updating. Stay in comeback mode, darlin, some of us miss you. :(

heather said...

yep, google readers throughout the universe are glitching like crazy due to the shock of having cardiac fantasies update. :)

each passing week without a post from you brought a moment of hope for you along with a twinge of worry.
so glad hope won out.
no need to update every day or every week. a simple 'i'm still breathing fuckers' once a month will stave off the worry.
course, a naughty tale or two every so often will soothe the masses but hey, that's your call. ;)

Susan said...

OoooOOOoooOOo yes. I do love a naughty tale!

heather said...

btw, mist can still take the prize. ~if~ she posts by the 13th.

Roadchick said...

Nice to see you decided to join us again - now don't get your ass blown away during Ike.

Missed you, man.

briliantdonkey said...

good to see you back! Not sure what I will do now though. "Sure I know I am not posting much at all , but I am posting more than michael" will obviously not work anymore. Glad to see you are well.