17 August 2007

Weather Report - Erin and Dean Come-a-visiting

Phrase of the Day – If you can’t do it right the first time, don’t take up Skydiving.

So here’s the weather update – Current Computer Modeling has Houston taking a direct hit on 1 of the five models, and on the “Wet Side” on another one of the models. SWEET!

As an aside, Tropical Storm Erin made landfall and headed straight over San Antonio on her way to parts West. Unfortunately, she was training in moisture from the gulf (you’ll see it as a band of clouds, water vapor, and rain looping into the center of a storm, if you look at a satellite photo). So it was Thunder and Rain Alley all day long yesterday here in Big H. Flooding and highway shutdowns. Its good in a minor way, because after the rain stopped two weeks ago, the heat index has been between 100 and 110 degrees that whole time. So we’re at a balmy 84 for a high. It’s really bad, though, because we expect to get rain through Monday from the remnants of Erin, meaning the ground will be close to saturation in terms of soaking up water just in time for Dean, if he decides to make landfall anywhere near here. Dean also means evacuation, if he heads this way. I spent 29 hours on the road evacuating for Rita (which made a last minute turn and missed our dinner date), and during that 29 hours, I only made it from South Houston to 15 Miles north of Greater Houston – usually a 45 minute trip where I live. I don’t want to wish it on anyone else, but I have to tell you that I don’t want to see it going through here, either. Greater Houston Metroplex is the 4th largest city in the US – and would be a nightmare to evacuate.

But we have about a week. If it does hit here next week, you’ll be hearing it on the evening news. God knows if it does, there’ll be no innernets, as the ‘chick would say, for no telling how long. Until then,

Dream Well, Michael


heather said...

can you fake a sick relative in say, new york, skate outta houston early and skip all the evacuation traffic?

Roadchick said...

What is this rain that you keep talking about?

Middle TN is in a severe drought. It's 105 degrees.

Shit is catching on fire from just being outside.

Send the storm here. We'll take it.

Stay safe!!

Michael Thomas said...

Heather, I'll skip out any day if the bar is stocked with JD and the bar stools are stocked with loose sexy women. If you can make that happen - we got a deal, and Poor Uncle Louie is gonna need me beside him as he lies on his deathbed for at least 10 days prior to his miraculous recovery.

Note to Readers: Always use very sick relatives, never funerals of dead relatives. You may think the boss is stupid, but he can sure as hell count how many times you went to your father's funeral the past two years.

'Chick - I know about that weather. I was a couple of hours away from there two weekends ago at the lakehouse, and the heat was so ridiculous that the kids only got to go out twice due to the Ozone days and debilitating heat. Makes that darn muddy ole lake look heavenly, water moccasins or not, I tell ya.

Susan said...

Stay safe darlin.

heather said...

i'll make sure there's plenty of jd, as for the loose, sexy women i'll have kiddo and tera check their calanders, that's about all i can do for you. most of the women i know who pass for sexy are either married and don't stray or are so loose i wouln't recommend them to my worst enemy. lol

Susan said...

I'm always free when a loose woman is needed. lmao

heather said...

knew you wouldn't leave a man hanging there kiddo mwahh!


briliantdonkey said...

I did 9 hours of evacuating a few years ago and only made it about an hour and a half away for one of many 'turn away at the last second' storms. I decided then and there that should another one be 'immenent' I am just heading to a shelter.